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Privacy Policy

We had thought we had enough policies in place, but alas how wrong we were! We are now required to explain how we comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the DPA (Data Protection Act) and the PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations), because reading this is will make you feel all warm and cosy inside!


We collect and store the info we need to provide you with the products you buy from us.  This is the information you would have given to us when you signed up to do PE with us or signed up to receive our newsletter via our website. We will occasionally contact you via text messages and every now and again you will receive a newsletter from us reminding you of how amazing we are at PE!

We are an enthusiastic, busy, small business , mostly our days are far to busy with PE duties to do anything underhand with your data. We do, however give you our full assurance that we will not leave information lying about for all to see. Scouts honor.
If you are enthralled reading this and having far too much fun, then we shall cary on.


I do not understand how cookies work, I can bake very good ones though......
However, cookies is how the internet works. There are ways in your browsers to block cookies, however this can cause problems sometimes, things may not work as they should.


We use Google Analytics, primarily to stare at the real time stats to see what people are looking at.
Neither of these things store any personal data about you but probably they store your IP address. All we see is that a person or many people have interacted with the website in a particular way.


If you have been with us or a while, I am sure you already know that we are not a spam site. However we do need to tell you a little about where we store you information.

WEBSITE:  Our website does use analytics. This basically tells us which parts of our site are being looked at the most. We do not store any information here about you apart from your IP address. We are too busy star jumping to plan what to do with this information.
MAILCHIMP:  If you’ve signed up to our mailing list for updates and news about how super cool the gym is, or just because you like receiving mail, your name and email address will be sent over to MailChimp. This is the system we use to manage our newsletters and emails. They are ) GDPR compliant (I read their policy!). You would have had to click “are you sure you want this email” , “prove you are not a robot”, many times times to make your way onto our list, but you can unsubscribe from our marketing emails at any time by hitting the unsubscribe button. Which may or may not which case email us on
HARDCOPY LIFE:  This is the information you would have given to us when you signed up to do PE with us. We will occasionally contact you via text messages and every now and again you will receive a newsletter from us reminding you of how amazing we are at PE!
Any personal or medical information is not disclosed, sold or shared with any third party.
We keep all this information in our office in locked, fire proof, file boxes. We will keep this paperwork for a 6 years, if you no long train with us this paperwork shall be shredded and disposed of.

When you pay us, you will either pay through BACS or PayPal. The only payment-based details we hold on our PayPal site is your name and how much you’ve spent. We have no bank or card details or any access to your hard earned cash here.
PayPal is being a little odd about it but will have to be GDPR compliant or everyone in Europe will have to stop using it and they really don’t want that.

If you sign up to our newsletter, we will send you a newsletter, generally around once a month, but occasionally more if there is more interesting stuff to tell you.
You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button in every email. Your name and email address are stored securely in Mailchimp. They are GDPR compliant and very good at it too.
Mailchimp automatically adds tracking things to links so if you click on a link we know. If you open an email we know and are curious to know what you think. If you ignore us then we know too! Then we sit here feeling sad and wondering if it was because you noticed the spelling mistake!
The most important thing about this is we do not do anything with these stats.

We quite like social media but are unbelievably bad at it, you’re not required to follow our social media accounts to like what we do.


We do work with other companies to be able to deliver the service we do.

EMAIL: Our email accounts are hosted by 123reg and Gmail , both GDPR compliant. Our emails are monitored by two people. They have access to your name, email address and whatever other info you have given us when you joined the gym or signed up to our newsletter . We use encrypted passwords and security software to ensure your details don’t fall into bad hands. Common sense should always be applied to emails from us too, if you see something that looks suspicious contact us to let us know.

VIMEO: We use Vimeo to be able deliver our distance programming to you, or you to access the programme you need a Vimeo account.  They are a company based in the USA. As yet, looking through their policy they are not GDPR ready. If you would like to read more about Vimeo here is a link to their privacy policy. It’s not as fun as ours!


If you are living under a false name, hidden identity, in witness protection and would prefer we didn’t keep the info we have on you, just email us at and we’ll delete all the info we have on you from our systems. All the while wondering if a movie will be made of your life and who will play you!

This does not include PayPal. If you want to delete your PayPal accounts you have to do that yourself via PayPal.
Unfortunately we cannot delete your gym purchase history, our accountant likes to see how many people enjoy buying PE! Although he is yet to train with us!

If you have any other questions about how we use your data, or would just like to drop us a note, email us at:

Updated: 29th May 2018